iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Near Me

Iphone 6 screen replacement The new iPhone 6s boasts bigger screens, and that means, if you have one, there’s a good chance you’ll need iPhone 6 screen replacement at some point in the life of your phone. Let’s face it, we all drop our phones – in bathrooms, parking lots and pretty much anywhere else there’s a hard surface. The bigger size of the iPhone 6 means it’s a little harder to hang on to and, with that larger size, comes more glass surface to shatter. If you happen to be one of those unlucky people who needs an iPhone 6 screen replacement, you have three choices:

1 – Take it to Apple.

If your phone is still under warranty or you bought AppleCare+, you can either have your screen replaced for free or for considerably less than it would cost to buy a whole new phone. If the glass develops a hairline crack and there isn’t any other obvious sign of dropping, Apple will likely replace the glass for free. If there is definite evidence that you’re the reason your glass is shattered, Apple will charge you a relatively small (for Apple) fee for your iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Near Me.

While this sounds like a good option, it can also be an incredibly inconvenient one. If you live near an Apple store, hurray for you; but you’ll still have to make an appointment at the Genius Bar and wait for your phone to be repaired. If you don’t live near an Apple store, you’ll have to mail your phone into Apple for repair, which can take a week or more. Can you live without your phone for a week?

2 – Take it to a third-party repair shop.

When you want convenience at a reasonable price – and you no longer have an Apple warranty – third-party repair shops are a great option. The techs are usually highly skilled and experienced in quickly and effectively replacing and repairing parts on every kind of Apple product. If you choose the right shop, they can likely fix the phone while you wait so you won’t have to do without it any longer than is necessary and they may even offer a warranty on their work.

3 – Live with the damage.

If your glass is shattered to such an extent that your iPhone is unusable, getting it replaced is the only option. If it’s got a hairline crack or some other minor damage but continues to work like normal, you can hold off on a screen replacement until you need it or until you can afford it. If the cracks in your screen are large enough, you can purchase a glass screen protector that will keep you from injuring yourself when you swipe your finger across the screen.